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Durga Puja Video

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Vyaas Utsav Sammilani is an organization busy with a revolution in the world of show, Sangeet and music.

The organization works on the revolutionary concepts of Vyaas Paramparaa regarding a much better life story systems of human individuals and socially.

V.U.S organizes different programs, seminars, workshops and conference on the science of better life invention by a group of scientists, annalists and society under the guidance of Acharya Sanjay Chakrabarty.

Show and Sangeet have thousand of instant and slow effects on mental and physical health. Many people have already enjoyed the positive resultants of this blessed use of show and Sangeet. But much more people is not connected with this side effect free preventive methods of ailments and self-development as well. V.U.S is concerned with the publication and any propaganda regarding the same for general awareness of the poet. Click here to get more details of the fact

On 6th Feb 2011 Vyaas Utsav Sammilani presented a concept in a public program at Jodhpur Park, Kolkata where the historical India was there with all musical evidences and orated explanation of different times in North India specially. To visit music of India click here .

In oct 2011 V.U.S organized a musical Durga Puja at H.R.S. Palace, Barrackpur, where a mass of nearly one hundred devoted people were there to learn, enjoy and celebrate the prime festival of our country.

Even the devotees who are seventy or eighty years old agreed that they had never seen any Durga Puja like this through out their lifetime. Some of them regretted as they were bound to participate in the last stage of life. However the priests of this puja where the young girls as per the guidance of “CHANDI PURNA” .

Explanation and illustration of the Mantras were there through music only.

The priests passed through the different training methods and systems of eight steps of “YOGA” system. The priests achieved “Narayan Mantra” through their “UPANAYANA”, one month before the Puja and perform Sandhya-Ahnik etc. till today.

However here is the video clipping of some important parts of the Puja. Please visit it and you will surely have some ideas regarding something extraordinary. To visit click here.

This year Vyaas Utsav Sammilani is going to organise Durga Puja with the same basic concept but in a bigger form with wider aspects of art and culture.

You can join personally or with all of your family members, as you like, if you contact V U S within 15th sept 2012 and become a member of V U S as soon as possible. You will have your membership form here. Click here and be a member of Vyaas Uysav Sammilani just now.
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