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The training methods of Pransangeet relates the different system of psycho acoustical and Yoga Methods related to sangeet training system of ancient India with an effect of combating stress of modern hazardous life styles. The philosophy and the science behind the execution of the methods are being invented, cultured and documented by Acharya Sanjay Chakraborty. The system, in India, known as (“the science of better living through Shabda and Sangeet”)

At Present the training centre are there in Kolkata, Bishnupur, Siliguri and Jalpaiguri.



WONDERS in ACDEMIC Progress At least 15 % -20 % INCREASE in the MARKS obtained from all academic EXAMS - PRIMARY to GRAD-Schools.

WODER--VACCINE to prevent a lot of AILEMENTS.

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PRAN SANGEET is thoroughly a Process of Recreation of the highly rich cultural heritage of ancient ASIA that still remains unexplored in many of its deep set aspects. This Recreation Process can reach out to the learners even through the principles of modern-day Physics and Microbiology.

The concept and practice of Pran Sangeet is by far a new “Music Training System” conceived and designed by Acharya Sanjay Chakrabarty, the Life Flame and Progenitor of Vyaas Paramparaa. Its inner message transcends the confines of hitherto prevailing music schools and their cliché training systems.

On the contrary, Pran Sangeet ensures higher ranking in the Marks obtained in School Examinations( even with much less invested hours of Studies),through some very special ways of learning even the regular forms of Indian music like Khyeal, Rabindrasangeet, Thumri,Bhajan or Play back songs only.

A cluster of accumulated evidence points to the fact that regular and devoted exercise of Pran Sangeet works wonders in improving academic performance, that too, within a span of six months to a year. At least, 15 – 20 % increase in the “marks” has been noted, leading to obvious upliftment of Grades. Such results are achieved by sincere students in all academic exams ranging from Primary, Secondary to even Grad-Schools.

At the same time, strict adherence to the principles of Pran Sangeet ensures having healthy individuals, both in body and mind. Today, most westerners have accepted the fact that Music, if properly applied, works as a WONDER VACCINE to prevent a lot of ailments. With Pran Sangeet you and your family can immunize yourselves and enjoy a life much much better than all others in society.

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A syllabus turning its head…………………


A) BAIKHARI - The World of utterance and listening
B) MADHYAMA - The sound and music of silence
C) PASHYANTI - The cerebral visuals of sound and music


The first and foremost step of training - BAIKHARI - is based on voice training methods, through the concepts and techniques of present INTERNATIONAL STANDARD, associated with the POWER of VEDIC SOUNDS & RAAJYOGA AND HATHAYOGA.

BAIKHARI --- provides with the basic training of (theoretical and practical) Indian and European music through vocal and instrumental music as well, for the development of an enhanced musical performance of future, from the very beginning.

BAIKHARI ---- the stage of learning the methods of taking care of vocal, physical (in general) and cerebral (in particular) aspects for the learning of advanced forms of PRAAN SANGEET. Musial practices related to these affairs are offered to attain a much greater field of concentration and attention for the huge betterment of musical performance directly and increase in the marks of academic examinations as an indirect but sure effect.


The practices of madhyama stage are designed to develop the thought process of an artist, moving far from the mere abilities of a singer or copy-singer only.

Theoretical and Practical tasks are offered at this stage in favour of developing the particular aspects of thought process, those, a composer must have, for the cause of his/her creations.

HIGHER LEVEL practical tasks for earning expertise in RAAGA – SANGEET with the power of self developing ability of making and performing phrases of formations and improvisations of the moods of the raagas are cultured mainly in this LEVEL.

The principles and particulars of the Language of Music, are defined and explained. The hazy or opaque ideas and practices, as remain in so called cliché traditional ‘music- training’ systems as yet, particularly in these cases of performing Raaga Music or composing any form of music:-- have no chance to exist in the course of PRAAN SANGET at the final state of MADHYAMA.


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